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Completed Projects

In 1987 I teamed with childhood friend Russell Clough and together we developed the company now known as Glen Ragsdale Underground Associates Inc.  We dug our first wine cave for Pine Ridge Winery in the Napa Valley in 1987.  Since 1994, I have owned the Company on my own, and have completed over 50 wine caves with the help of a friend Graham Wozencroft, a professional engineer.  A partial list of completed projects follows:
  1. Pine Ridge Winery 3  phases, Napa Valley, Ca
  2. Newton Vineyard, St Helena, Ca
  3. Dunn Vineyard, Angwin, Ca
  4. Kunde Winery, Kenwood, Ca
  5. Girard Winery, Napa Valley
  6. Steltzner Winery, Napa Valley
  7. Gundlach-Bundschau, Sonoma Valley
  8. Schug Winery, Sonoma Valley
  9. Rutz Winery, Sebastopol, Ca
  10. Archery Summit, Dundee, Oregon
  11. Eberle Winery, 2 phases, Paso Robles, Ca
  12. Cotton Wood Canyon, Santa Maria, Ca
  13. Rombauer Winery 3 phases, Napa Valley, Ca
  14. Altamura Winery, Wooden Valley, Ca
  15. Eagle & The Rose Winery, Pope Valley, Ca
  16. Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, Napa Valley, Ca
  17. Hartwell Estates, Napa Valley, Ca
  18. Harlan Estates, Napa Valley, Ca
  19. Rudd Estate Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  20. Lancaster Vineyards, Sonoma, Ca
  21. Pride Mountain Vineyard Sonoma, Ca
  22. Black Sears Winery, Angwin, Ca
  23. Neal Winery, 2 phases, Angwin, Ca
  24. Chapin Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  25. Two Rocks Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  26. Lawrence Cellars, Napa Valley, Ca
  27. Phelan Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  28. O’Shaughnessy, Angwin, Ca
  29. Quintessa, Napa Valley, Ca
  30. Palmaz Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  31. Bob Foley Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  32. Hourglass Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  33. Pelican Hill, Newport Coast, CA
  34. Hundred Acre, Napa Valley, Ca
  35. Pyramid Winery, Petaluma, Ca
  36. Diamond Mountain Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  37. Stull Residence, Napa Valley, Ca
  38. Howell mountain Vineyards, Angwin, Ca
  39. Marin Artukovich Napa Valley, Ca
  40. Bill Smith Winery, Angwin, Ca
  41. Don Sodaro Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  42. Helwig Winery, Shanendoah Valley, Amador County, Ca
  43. 10,000 Year Clock
  44. Custom Crush Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  45. Davis Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  46. Tom Eddy Winery, Napa Valley, Ca
  47. Bella Grace Winery, Shenandoah Valley, Amador County, Ca


Glen Ragsdale